Several thousand people sit their professional exams in the CCB each year.

Published on 2/5/2015 by Edith Thalmann

The CCB has been a strong partner for holding examination sessions with a large number of participants for a long time now. Hence, in mid-June, the SGIM specialist physician exams are held at the CCB and, in August, the exams for marketing and sales managers, to give just two examples of many. And the absolute highlight in terms of candidate numbers are then the three-day exams for technical sales clerks at the end of August, with an estimated 1,300 students sitting the exams.

The start of a long relationship
This is an attractive development not only for the CCB and the immediate surroundings of Messe Basel but also for the entire city and region, since the examinations bring a large number of people from outside of Basel into the city who have a relatively high purchasing power. These people use the local restaurants and hotels along with other services. Hence, the three days of exams for technical sales clerks alone generate an indirect return of some CHF 350,000 in terms of the journey to get there, accommodation and food. And precisely marketing experts are highly welcome guests, since the exams in the CCB halls can signify the start of a relationship lasting many years with the MCH Group which is active in the live-marketing sector and also takes in Messe Basel and the CCB.

The various exams in the CCB make a contribution to Basel's value added chain that should not be underestimated. It is not least for these reasons that the CCB is particularly anxious to serve the organisers of these vocational exams in Basel in a professional manner, in line with their individual requirements, and thus consolidate Basel as an examination location.

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