A Christmas campaign with a major impact.

In 2019, a budding tropical doctor from Ethiopia attended a diploma course at the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH) in Basel. Her attendance was made possible by customers and partners of the Congress Center Basel (CCB) through the CCB’s Christmas campaign. Right on time for the festive season, Zuleka Ismail has now written to us to express her thanks once more and take a brief look back.

The CCB stopped sending out printed Christmas cards some time ago, deciding instead to convey its best wishes in digital form. In conjunction with this, they also took the decision to make a donation to a charitable cause – the sustainable transfer of knowledge to low-income countries through targeted education and training. By solving a shuffle puzzle, the recipients of the Advent mail were able to influence the sum of money donated to the Swiss TPH’s project on “Education for the next generation; the key to a sustainable future”. The sum generated in this way enabled Zuleka to attend the 14-week diploma course on “Health Care and Management (HCM): From Research to Implementation”.

This was a life-changing experience for the young African. And the fact that she was recently offered a senior position in her organisation is also something she attributes to her stay in Basel. She is also continuing her theoretical training at the Swiss TPH with a Master’s degree in International Health. “In the light of globalisation, which is giving many people better access to education, people might think that a small amount can’t really make a difference”, says Zuleka. “But my story proves quite the opposite: many women in developing countries, in particular, are still dependent on a grant.”

Zuleka is not, however, the only person to have received a gift through this Christmas campaign. The team at the CCB are enjoying a gratifying end to the year through her message – an invaluable boost at times such as these.