Newsletter 01/2021


  18 March 2021

Dear Customers, Partners and Friends,

The days are slowly but surely getting brighter again. And it’s not only due to spring being just around the corner but also to the many encouraging signs that, despite all the adversity we are facing, we are nonetheless well set up for the future.

On the one hand, we are proud to be making a decisive contribution to fighting the pandemic with the two vaccination centres that have opened in Basel and Zurich. And, on the other hand, the past weeks and months have shown that we as an organisation are certainly well-positioned to adapt to changing circumstances.

This is borne out, for example, by the fact that we have been able to optimally fulfil our obligations as a training provider for apprentices over recent months and will thus be able to send an extremely competent trainee to sit her final exam this summer. We have also used the event-free period to prepare ourselves for the time after the renewed shutdown. This is why you, as an organiser, can now undertake a virtual site visit of the Congress Center Basel. At the same time, we have teamed up with the Hallenstadion and Zurich Tourism to launch a completely new offer for major events in Zurich.

When you make a start on your planning, you can thus rest assured that we are ready. Give us a call or write to us – we look forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards,
Jonas Scharf, Managing Director Venues MCH Group

Teaming up to conquer corona.

Although it has been rather quiet on the MCH Group’s premises over the past few months, the venues have taken on a key role in the fight against the pandemic. Following the installation of a vaccination centre at Messe Basel, a similar centre has now been set up at Messe Zurich.

Digital tour of the Congress Center Basel.

Due to the continuing travel restrictions, site visits are scarcely possible at the moment. The Congress Center Basel (CCB) has now had all its premises digitised, enabling organisers to take a tour of the facilities from their own computers.

Event technology: a specialist field with a future?

For the Congress Center Basel (CCB), 2020 was a year unlike any other in the company’s history. Only a few virtual and hybrid events were able to take place at Basel’s Exhibition Square due to the restrictions imposed by the authorities. This situation also affected its two apprentices in the field of event technology. We asked them what this means for them.

Arena Convention Expo (ACE) combining forces for XL events

Messe Zurich has teamed up with the Hallenstadion and Zurich Tourism and is now able to offer its customers an unlimited range of options for staging all kinds of events. This joint marketing platform – known as the Arena Convention Expo (ACE) – is aimed first and foremost at the organisers of particularly large events.