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The popular MCH wall calendar for the 2016 anniversary year is now ready!

MCH Calendar
Our popular MCH calendar for 2016
Is there still a need for a classical paper calendar in the digital age? The MCH Group asked itself that question last year in connection with its traditional wall calendar. The numerous positive reactions from customers and also the commitment of employees at the Congress Center Basel demonstrated impressively that, for many, the practical MCH calendar is a fixed component of their annual planning even in this day and age of smartphones and tablets.

So here it is once again, the MCH Group’s calendar – this time for the MCH anniversary year of 2016. The calendar provides not only enough space for all personal appointments to be visible at a glance, but also shows all the dates of exhibitions, congresses and events at all three of the MCH Group’s locations (insofar as they were known at the time it went to print).

It is possible to order the paper version in a large or small format or, alternatively, to download it and print it out directly. Those who prefer to operate digitally and are interested in our schedule of dates can simply and conveniently import the corresponding data into their personal Outlook calendar.

Ordering printed copies

Would you like to order our MCH wall calendar in a large printed format (B1) or a small one (B3) and have it delivered to your office or home address? Please don't forget to indicate how many copies you would like of each format.

Order printed calendars free-of-charge in a large format (B1) and/or a small one (B3)

MCH 2016 Calendar as a pdf file

You can click on the link below to download the calendar as a pdf:

MCH 2016 Calendar for Outlook

You can also transfer our calendar with the dates of various MCH Group events directly to your personal Outlook calendar. The files support the international "ICS" format and can be imported into all mail and/or calendar programs.

Proceed as follows to import a file into the MS Office Outlook program:

  1. Open link
  2. Save file
  3. Open Outlook
  4. In Outlook, under "File", select "Import/export"
  5. In the Import and Export Wizard, select "Import iCalendar (ICS)"
  6. Open the saved file
  7. a) If you select "Import", the selected calendar will be added to your own calendar
    b) If you select "Open as new calendar", the selected calendar will be loaded as a separate calendar in Outlook