Coming together to write history

10 000 participants at Raiffeisen’s major event of “DialogPlus”

Dialog Plus
Entrance foyer during the IFA 2015 Congress
“Our employees were enthralled, and the relevant messages were excellently communicated. We felt very welcome at Messe Basel and received competent support in everything that mattered,” reports Sandra Bürkle, the overall project manager of Raiffeisen’s “DialogPlus” event, for which 10 000 employees and board members converged on the Basel exhibition centre at the end of September. Raiffeisen had never held an event on that scale before. That is also the tenor of a report in the company’s “Panorama” magazine that it distributes to the public, with the title of “Raiffeisen writes History”.

The participants came to the exhibition centre in Basel from all over Switzerland in special trains and chartered coaches, all arriving within 75 minutes of one another. Twenty-eight forums, each with capacity for up to 400 people, were set up on more than 100 000 square metres of floor space. Various workshops operated in the compact Hall 1.1 on a surface area of around 36 000 square metres, while in the adjoining Hall 2 the evening programme provided opportunities to become immersed in various theme worlds.

World record
The demands made in logistic, organisational and technical matters were enormous – especially as regards audio-visual communication. The WLAN was configured in such a way that all the participants were able to use the video streaming simultaneously, and a complete television and news room was set up, including live reporting. The grand finale to the event was the production of a lip dub with all the participants, and successfully handling that on such a scale surely constitutes a world record. You can view the impressive result here: Video on YouTube

Whether for just twenty guests or even for a full 10 000, the Congress Center Basel along with the exhibition centre offer a huge range of multifunctional rooms and literally unlimited technical possibilities and thus provide a solution for each and every event.