Paperless into 2018

All MCH dates at a glance

The new MCH Calendar for 2018 is now available in digital form. The calendar not only shows you all the MCH Group dates at a glance – its contents are also continually updated.
MCH Calendar 2018
MCH calendar with an individual filter function
Some 200 events are staged in the Congress Center Basel (CCB) every year. And as far as the MCH Group is concerned – to which the CCB also belongs – an additional 90 MCH and third-party exhibitions are held on the premises of Messe Basel and in the Zurich and Lausanne locations, along with other events. To ensure that you can retain an overview of all these different dates, we have produced the digital MCH calendar for 2018.

Details always up-to-date
Restricting ourselves to a digital calendar is in keeping with our current commitment to an increasingly paperless CCB. At the same time, the digital variant (by contrast to a printed calendar) allows us to enter any postponements in a dynamic and clear manner and to incorporate any new events in the calendar. This ensures that those using the MCH calendar are always kept right up-to-date.

The digital calendar at also allows users to filter the dates according to their own individual wishes and thus only display those events that are of relevance to them. The calendar extends beyond 31 December 2018 and, as of next summer, will have the dates for 2019 that are already known added to it – and will be constantly expanded.

MCH calendar for Outlook

The proven function for downloading and importing MCH Group dates into a personal Outlook calendar has been retained. These dates will also be continually updated or changed if postponements occur or new dates are added. We recommend that you subscribe to the digital calendar in order to receive the updates. The files support the international “ICS” format and can be imported into all mail/calendar programs.

Subscription with automatic updates

If you would like to subscribe to the dates in ICS format, please proceed as follows:

1. Open Outlook

2. File -> Account settings -> Account Settings

3. Click on the “Internet calendar” tab

4. Click on “New”

5. Enter the desired URL as below and confirm

 Dates for the Congress Center Basel

 All dates at Messe Basel

 Public holidays/school holidays 2018


Once-only download without updates

To import the calendar once-only into the MS Office Program "Outlook", without receiving any updates, please proceed as follows:

1. Open the link

2. Save the file

3. Open Outlook

4. In Outlook, under “File”, open “Import/Export”

5. In the import and export assistant select “Import iCalendar (ICS)”

6. Open the saved file

7. a) Select "Import" to have your own calendar supplemented by the selected calendar
    b) Select “Open as new calendar” to have the selected calendar loaded into Outlook as a separate calendar