DIA Europe 2018

At the crossroads of healthcare

The leading health conference DIA, which is being held in April 2018, offers participants the opportunity to grow as professionals in health care, to network and learn, and naturally to engage in exciting discussions.
DIA-Europe 2018
The DIA is the only organisation anywhere in the world that has set itself the aim of bringing together experts in health-product development so that they can pool their findings and push ahead with measures for the development of health products and lifecycle management. Over the past 30 years, the DIA has been bringing together healthcare experts around a single table, offering a neutral forum for the discussion of topical issues. The central objective of the meeting is to find new methods and solutions for patients. Transparent cooperation is made possible by incorporating representatives from the life sciences landscape. The industry, the cost bearers, the patients and the regulatory authorities all have an equal say.

Drugs of the future

Under the motto “Join us at the crossroads of healthcare”, the DIA’s European flagship conference is coming back to Basel from 17 to 19 April 2018. The scientific programme includes more than 65 meetings with nine challenging and cross-functional topics, such as “Drugs of the future: What will innovation need and bring?” and “How can we further promote clinical research in Europe?” Individual meetings take a more in-depth look at specific focal themes, while the interdisciplinary DIAmond meetings cast a multi-faceted perspective on issues concerning the future of drug development.

Expert discussions and networking
A new feature of the 2018 conference are the DIAlouge sessions – a dynamic and results-oriented format which brings together stakeholders in order to solve a specific problem. Finally, the three-day event comes to a close with the proven rapid-fire meeting. The key contents and findings from the entire conference are presented at this concluding event.
In addition to substantive discussions, the DIA programme also offers plenty of opportunities for networking. Alongside the various network meetings for the different specialist areas, the second day of the conference includes a half-day careers fair that is open to the public too.

The extensive programme allows participants to create their own customised experience at DIA Europe 2018 by carefully selecting the individual events that they attend. A particularly wide range of options is available, which can be selectively tailored to participants’ personal and professional development.