FRESH – Meeting Design Conference

The CCB’s commitment to event design

Next February, FRESH 2018 at the Congress Center Basel will be dealing with the latest trends in event design. Despite being staged in a decentralised manner in five different cities, the focus will be on personal discussions and visitor presence. How is that to be achieved?
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Digitisation has taken a hold on both the economy and society. With all the efficiency and convenience offered by the internet and social media, people at times forget that nothing can beat face-to-face contact. That applies both in the case of technical discussions and when it comes to building up a personal network. It is ultimately not only professional contacts that are established in this way, serving to further careers, but friendships too.

The FRESH Meeting Design Conference on 27 and 28 February 2018 takes up both these approaches, and the Congress Center Basel (CCB) is involved in the conference as one of several locations at which it is being held. FRESH is being staged simultaneously in Basel, Copenhagen Johannesburg and London. For one of the sessions, the 6th Global Pharmaceutical and Medical Meetings Summit being held in Philadelphia is also being hooked up live. In this way, event professionals from all over the globe will be able to interact with each other in this new, exciting format. The CCB is a partner of the Meeting Design Institute (MDI) that organises FRESH. The MDI has been committed to progress in meeting and event design since 2006.

Theme of FRESH 2018: participant interaction at conferences
FRESH is the sole annual international event format that is centred exclusively around meeting design. The focus is on inventing, discussing, experimenting and jointly developing both new and proven event formats. For 2018, the main emphasis is on interaction with participants. Midway through the 1980s, the definition of interaction put forward by one congress organiser was “Keeping participants awake during presentations”. A great deal has changed since then but, even today, there is still not enough interaction taking place. The organisers have thus selected “Initiate interaction, now” as their credo for the forthcoming conference. They doubtless have something exciting in store for us.

Planners of meetings and events are warmly invited to discuss the latest trends and innovations with industry professionals at FRESH18 in Basel. The CCB has a small contingent of admissions at attractive special prices. Anyone who is interested should send a mail to