Stage design at the CCB

Maximising creativity

With the latest options for stage design, the Congress Center Basel gives its events that extra touch – and a common thread that runs all the way through.
Stage Design Congress Center Basel
MCH Group employee event 2016 in the Event Hall
The celebration to mark the 100th anniversary of the MCH Group in 2016 was one of the event highlights in Basel and its surrounding area. The central stage, surrounded by seating in a 360° arrangement, contributed to this. "Creating new stage and performance situations to ensure better interaction for plenary sessions is currently all the rage. We have the know-how, the infrastructure and the technology to do this", says Reinhard Höhn, technical project manager at the Congress Center Basel (CCB). A further trend in stage design, which is now being adopted at the CCB is video mapping: moving motifs are projected onto objects, opening up new options for branding and sponsoring.
Today, it is standard practice in the technical implementation of an event to provide a common thread running all the way through. The lighting and room configurations in the CCB are deployed in an optimum manner to this end. Precisely at scientific events, a creative room and stage concept with a "common thread" makes for an improved transfer of knowledge.

Know-how and manpower
Today's events are characterised more than ever before by customer wishes that are expressed at short notice and need to be implemented rapidly and professionally. The CCB meets these stringent requirements with the extensive know-how and manpower of its specialist technical staff. Where necessary, additional proven partners are called in to provide support – including subsidiary Winkler Livecom with its enormous technical inventory.

Technical project manager Reinhard Höhn, is symbolic of the team's competence. He started out in his professional life at Lucerne Theatre and, after undergoing further training in scenography and event technology, worked for the renowned KKL Culture and Congress Centre in Lucerne among other posts. The CCB has been able to count on Reinhard Höhn's services for two years now. His tasks include maximising creativity within the available budget for an event.