Changing consumer exhibitions

Gardens in full bloom and powerful engines

The MCH Group, as an exhibition organiser, is adapting to the changing needs of consumer exhibitions – as shown by Giardina and SWISS-MOTO.

Stage Design Congress Center Basel
Giardina Zürich, the leading indoor event for garden living

Although Hall 2 was a hive of activity once again, a certain melancholy also reigned in the hall on 17 February 2019. At muba 2019, this Sunday marked the end of the 103-year history of the Basel Sample Fair – a fair that had attracted around a million visitors at its peak.

In addition to muba, the exhibition companies of the MCH Group organise a total of around 40 exhibitions – including the globally leading industry events of Art Basel in Basel, Miami Beach and Hong Kong, and also Baselworld. Exhibitions are probably the most interesting form of interaction between supply and demand. Formats such as Giardina and SWISS-MOTO highlight the direction that the industry will be able to take after muba.

Smart gardening
Giardina 2019, staged at Messe Zürich from 13 to 17 March, was an event that has grown over the past few years. Some 67,000 professional and private garden lovers visited Giardina in its anniversary year of 2018. In the spectacular show gardens presented by 280 exhibitors on a total of 30,000 square metres, they were able to discover the latest trends and innovations in domestic gardening. Alongside innovations from international and national suppliers, artisans and cottage industries presented their unique pieces too. Specialising in high-affinity visitors and generating emotions through a spectacular live experience make all the difference here.

In keeping with the spirit of the times, Giardina 2019 was dedicated to the advance of technology and digitisation in the planning, design and upkeep of gardens – the keyword here being "Smart Gardening". In the "Digital Garden" project, 14 innovative companies took visitors on an interactive journey through the creation of a front garden.

Digital motorcycles
Also remaining abreast of the times is the SWISS-MOTO trade fair, which was staged in Zurich from 21 to 24 February. This provides a vivid example of next-generation marketing. Tens of thousands of motorcycle fans from Switzerland and abroad came to SWISS-MOTO and SWISS-CUSTOM, where they were able to marvel at the latest models of some four hundred brands from the motorcycle, scooter and quad segments, together with the corresponding accessories, tuning and clothing spread over seven exhibition halls.

What's changed? Trade fair manager Yves Vollenweider explains: "Classic events that are designed to simply provide information on products are doubtless having a hard time. But when I was completing my apprenticeship as a motorcycle mechanic, my instructor always told me that we were not selling motorbikes but dreams. This is the principle we are sticking to at SWISS-MOTO too, positioning ourselves differently from classic trade fair formats. We and our exhibitors invest a great deal of time and effort in presenting the products on site. We arouse emotions with special exhibitions and shows, ensuring motorbike fans can experience their dreams for real. No digital medium can replace an experience of this kind."