43rd ICMM World Congress on Military Medicine

Medicine on the Move

At the 43rd ICMM World Congress on Military Medicine, 1000 participants from 90 countries debated the future of medicine in the CCB. The Basel venue convinced the organisers with its security standards and with the Event Hall as a top location for the gala dinner.

Stage Design Congress Center Basel
Event Hall during the gala dinner of the 43rd ICMM World Congress on Military Medicine

Medicine is developing at a rapid pace. Research is constantly coming up with new findings that affect day-to-day practice. The World Congress on Military Medicine, which was held at the Congress Center Basel from 19 to 24 May 2019 under the motto "Medicine on the Move", is dedicated to a worldwide exchange and update on the innovations in military medicine. Congress director Andreas Stettbacher, Surgeon General of the Swiss Armed Forces, welcomed around 1000 participants from 90 countries to the event.

In addition to the scientific part and the networking, the most dazzling item on the agenda was doubtless the gala dinner with around 800 guests that was staged on the Thursday evening in the Event Hall at Messe Basel. Delegations from all the ICMM nations were invited, together with further high-ranking dignitaries. Swiss folklore was ingeniously combined with modern acts for the show programme.

With space for up to 3000 participants, the Event Hall can accommodate major events such as plenary sessions, concerts and exhibitions, etc. The room-in-room concept and modern technology guarantee excellent acoustics and open up an enormous range of presentation options.

Amidst high security

At a congress where the leading figures of international military medicine are meeting up, security issues play an overriding role. High security thus prevailed at the CCB for the duration of the congress. The military police took charge of access controls among other things. The fact that the buildings are protected by electronic locking mechanisms was particularly appreciated. Switzerland, including Basel, can scarcely be surpassed in terms of political, economic and social stability. Even members of the national government frequently move around in public without personal protection here and like to mix with the people.

And Basel, with its international outlook, also excels through its optimum accessibility at the heart of Europe, bordering directly on France and Germany. The historic university city boasts a wide range of cultural offerings and other recreational options beyond congress programmes.