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The 2017 MCH calendar has arrived!

One of the key features of our end-of-year Newsletter is the link to the popular annual calendar published by the MCH Group, which sets out all the relevant exhibition dates. And now it's time once again …
MCH Wandkalender 2017
Our popular MCH calendar for 2017
Calendars and diaries are very much in demand once the New Year is just around the corner. And now the MCH Group's popular calendar is available to be called up once again. The MCH calendar is an indispensable aid for many of our customers. We receive the first enquiries towards the end of the summer already, but have to ask people to be patient – and not without good reason. The MCH annual calendar contains all the key exhibition, congress and event dates for the Basel, Zurich and Lausanne exhibition sites, and we have to wait until the planning has been finalised.

But your patience has now paid off: the large-format, printed calendar is available to order, or you can download the pdf file.

If you're downloading the data, you can, of course, import the exhibition, congress and event dates of relevance for you straight into your Outlook calendar so as to make sure you don't miss out on anything.

Ordering printed copies

Would you like to order our MCH wall calendar in a large printed format (B1) or a small one (B3) and have it delivered to your office or home address? Please don't forget to indicate how many copies you would like of each format.

Order printed calendars free-of-charge in a large format (B1) and/or a small one (B3)

MCH 2017 Calendar as a pdf file

The link for downloading the calendar as a pdf document:

MCH 2016 Calendar for Outlook

Here you can import dates for various events being staged by the MCH Group straight into your Outlook calendar. The files support the international "ICS" format and can be imported into all mail and/or calendar programs.

Proceed as follows to import a file into the MS Office Outlook program:

  1. Open link
  2. Save file
  3. Open Outlook
  4. In Outlook, under "File", select "Import/export"
  5. In the Import and Export Wizard, select "Import iCalendar (ICS)"
  6. Open the saved file
  7. a) If you select "Import", the selected calendar will be added to your own calendar
    b) If you select "Open as new calendar", the selected calendar will be loaded as a separate calendar in Outlook