A city breathing art

Congress Center Basel at Art Basel

During the Art Basel show, a really special flair seems to engulf the city. Being located right next to the art show, the CCB is to be recommended for all sorts of organised events, whether with or without an artistic touch.
Congress Center Basel
Art Basel Parcours section in the city’s neighbourhoods
Halfway through every June, it is as if Basel were to come totally under the spell of Art Basel, one of the most important shows for contemporary art anywhere in the world. From 15 to 18 June 2017, 300 leading art galleries from more than 30 countries presented works by over 4000 artists. As the years have gone by, Art Basel has steadily built up its reputation and its visitor numbers. Just short of 100 000 artists, collectors, curators, art lovers and others with allied interests flocked to the show itself and the numerous other art-related events.
Art Basel's special touch and the extraordinary gathering of aficionados lend a particular aura not only to Exhibition Square but to the city as a whole. One highlight is the Art Basel Parcours, which enthrals the general public with site-specific sculptures, interventions and performances at various points within Basel.

Art and law
The Congress Center Basel (CCB) is more than willing to allow itself to be infected by the flair of art as well. On what was the fourth occasion already this year, the Friday of the art week featured a conference on "Art and Law" organised by Dr. Peter Mosimann and Prof. Dr. Beat Schönenberger of the University of Basel. Andreas Bicker, head of general management at Art Basel, comments that "we attach great importance to having the subject of law present at Art Basel too. That is why we have been supporting the conference here, right in the immediate vicinity of the art show". The conference’s chair, Prof. Dr. Beat Schönenberger, is also delighted at how the event has come to establish a particular position for itself: "In the past, it used to be an event held on the university premises. Now we are able to deal with legal issues affecting the art world in the immediate vicinity of the Art show and greatly appreciate this cooperation with Art Basel and the CCB".