State-of-the-art technology

Our new technological resources

E-posters, signage, streaming, data storage, etc.: the technical equipment installed in the CCB is constantly undergoing adaptations to keep pace with the organisers' growing demands as regards digitisation.

Congress Center Basel

No matter whether it is the optical or acoustic impression made by congresses, the portfolio of technical services on offer in the Congress Center Basel (CCB) has enjoyed an excellent reputation amongst its customers for as long as anyone can remember. The CCB Speaker Service Center is the hub for all technical issues – the point on which all the various threads converge. CCB customers know that, once they have handed in their data, their speeches and presentations will run like proverbial clockwork.

The state-of-the-art basic equipment is complemented by further facilities, such as electronic room inscriptions, electronic name signs, recording, voting, virtual sessions and webinars. And if ever short-term assistance is required, the nearest CCB technician is never far away.

In line with digital progress, the customers’ demands are changing too. The CCB team in charge of technical systems makes sure that it stays on the ball and, along with fulfilling its daily business, is always looking into the latest possibilities. One example of this is signage, a field in which the CCB makes use of mobile monitors that can be positioned precisely where required and can have real-time messages displayed on them too.

One recent addition to the CCB's range of products and services is e-poster sessions featuring the latest generation of 55-inch touchscreens. These make information and services available to congress participants and exhibition visitors simply and without the need for paper, in a form that can be displayed on mobile devices too.

The CCB is also placing its faith in the latest generation of streaming and storage, true to the principle of one-stop shopping. Customers thus now have the possibility of placing their contents in the web or of making them available for downloading, ensuring that a trace will remain of an event even when it is over and done with and that, if desired, it will also be possible to commercialise it.