The laugh of a lifetime in the Event Hall

10,000 enthusiastic spectators for DivertiMento

Four sessions of Cabaret DivertiMento at Messe Basel. Four performances before a full house with a standing ovation. The Event Hall has once again demonstrated what a superb location it is for staging top-class cultural events in Basel.
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Cabaret DivertiMento promoted on the LED strip
Anyone embarking on a "sabbatical" is normally looking for a break from their busy everyday routine. If the "Sabbatical" concerned is the latest comedy programme by Jonny Fischer and Manuel Burkart (better known as the Duo DivertiMento), then enthralled audiences are what you should expect. That is also what happened in Messe Basel's Event Hall, where four performances were sold out, and more than 10,000 cabaret fans enjoyed the very best that the two comedians had to offer. Not a single evening finished without the delighted public taking leave of the comedy top shots with a standing ovation. After the Baloise Session and the "Welcome Ivor" concert by the Basel Symphony Orchestra, Messe Basel’s Event Hall was once again able to show that it is not only suitable for gala events and award shows but for prestigious cultural events too.

Behind the scenes
"We were convinced by Messe Basel's modern Event Hall in terms of its size, infrastructure, location and presentation", is how Edgar P. Lehmann, proprietor of Plan B Entertainment GmbH and organiser of the event, explains his choice of location. To ensure that the audience could be as close as possible to the comedians, it was decided to use the hall crosswise, install a platform to hold 2580 people and have projections onto two screens. Backstage, 43 people whirled around ensuring optimum lighting, sound and video (with 16 tonnes of equipment!), looking after security, checking admissions and ushering members of the audience to their seats, while Divertimento-Management Keep Cool AG was kept busy too. On top of that came the crew of 35 from Messe Basel and caterers, Wassermann & Company. "Working with Messe Basel is always very positive”, continues Edgar P. Lehmann. “Congress Center Basel is backed up by a large number of employees doing their jobs with a great deal of enthusiasm. They propose solutions to all the problems and ensure that whatever is specified is speedily put into practice."

Standing ovation for Cabaret DivertiMento

Not a single evening finished without the delighted public taking leave of the comedy top shots with a standing ovation.

The final by Duo DivertiMento

Our Event Hall is even suitable for Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal to stage the final of the Australian Open – at least the way Duo DivertiMento plays it.