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The 100th anniversary party for MCH employees

After various festivities surrounding the 100th anniversary of the MCH Group and the muba fair, it was at last the turn of the employees to join in the merrymaking. No question as to the venue to be selected for their party…
CCB Team
The CCB Team all spruced up for the anniversary party
It's actually what the employees of the Congress Center Basel (CCB) are paid to do on a daily basis: to present our facilities convincingly and then to make sure that the events held in them turn out to be an all-round success. And, of course, it is a truly pleasurable experience to let oneself be well and truly spoilt on one's home premises. That is precisely what happened on 9 September, when the MCH Group employees held their 100th anniversary celebration.

Familiar faces
Nowhere was more predestined for such an occasion than the Event Hall, which offers not only plenty of space but also the right ambience. Making sure that the evening, packed with plenty of variety, ran smoothly were the MCH subsidiaries, who, of course, are familiar faces for the CCB employees:
- Rufener as a creative event management agency made its mark on the content of the celebrations;
- Expomobilia assumed responsibility for the set-up and decoration;
- Winkler Multi Media Events took charge of stage-managing the hi-tech programme; and
- Wassermann & Company made sure that no one went hungry or thirsty.

The organising committee responsible for the anniversary celebrations had been advised for several months previously by CCB project manager, Nicolas Widmer. Several days before the event already, the team responsible for room management had arranged the furniture in the hall for more than 800 guests, to make sure that all the members of the team would then be able to really enjoy the evening itself when it came around. A few days before the massive party, Nicolas Widmer commented with a knowing wink that “getting the planning right beforehand is half the work done”. So he himself was then actually able to relax on the evening and enjoy the programme compered by rapper and beatboxer Knackeboul. The acts included the “100 years of muba” song by Kevin Messerli, himself a member of the CCB team, and the MCH Award Gala, with the chance of winning the prize of a four-day journey to Art Basel Hong Kong.

As a year, 2016 is of particular importance for the MCH Group and the companies belonging to it. We are not only celebrating the 100th muba fair (Swiss Sample Fair) but, at the same time, the 100th birthday of our group of companies and the founding year of modern trade fairs in Switzerland. The triple anniversary has been placed under the motto of “100 years ahead”, which symbolises the pioneering spirit and creativity of the MCH Group ever since it was founded as the “Schweizer Mustermesse” a hundred years ago. We are treating the anniversary not just as an opportunity for looking back on our exciting past. We also want to look forward to writing even more history still in future. You can accompany us throughout our anniversary year on www.100jahrezukunft.ch!