Open-air with rain protection

Covered circular courtyard in Exhibition Hall 2

The circular courtyard in Hall 2 at Messe Basel, which is a listed structure, has been equipped with rain protection, making for an outdoor feeling in the midst of the exhibition rooms.

Rundhof Dach Messe Basel
Canvas roofing to provide absolute protection against the elements
Anyone who has ever come to one of the numerous events at Messe Basel – whether it be the glamorous opening ceremony or the show festival at muba, the get-together at Fantasy Basel or the start of the RAID Basel-Paris rally – will certainly be familiar with the circular courtyard in Hall 2, the hall with the distinctive big clock above its entrance. The unique circular courtyard, which is a listed structure on account of its architecture, enables organisers of all types of events to combine their event with an open-air offering.

Not immediately evident
The most critical point for open-air events is protection against rain. For the months of March to November, the circular courtyard in Exhibition Hall 2 has now been equipped with canvas roofing, with a span of 42 metres, to provide absolute protection against rain, hail and snow – and also against excessively intensive sunlight at the height of summer. The courtyard is sheltered from the wind by the surrounding Hall 2. The airy and light nature of the canvas means that it is not immediately evident. A pleasant breeze prevails beneath it, ensuring that air can circulate and preventing a stuffy atmosphere from developing.

The circular courtyard can be accessed from the exhibition halls on both the ground floor and the two upper storeys. On the first and second floors, access is via a circular gallery, from which visitors can watch what is going on in the inner courtyard. With a gross surface area of some 2500 square metres, the circular courtyard is suitable for events of up to 1500 people.