Handling crises and opportunities – voices from the congress city of Basel

As Switzerland’s third largest city, with just over 200,000 inhabitants, Basel covers an area of only 37 km². The city nonetheless boasts a lively social and cultural life and one of the world’s most productive economies. Until recently, Basel was also home to a thriving exhibition and congress business, which is now facing the question as to what happens next.

Jonas Scharf

The Head of MCH Venues is assuming that the event industry will be able to stage its first major events again in the second half of 2021 already. In this short interview, he tells us how he arrived at this assessment.

Beat Zwahlen

The CEO of the MCH Group looks back on a difficult year. In this interview he tells us how the company has used the time during which operations have been at a standstill to pursue its further development.

Beatrice Strinimann

Last year, together with her team, she succeeded in conjuring up a virtual concert series in just eleven days but, at the same time, has had to cancel her live event for two years running. Beatrice Stirnimann, CEO of the Baloise Session and a longstanding customer of MCH Venues, spoke to us about her joys and sorrows in times of the pandemic.

Daniel Egloff

If anyone knows about trade fairs and congresses in Switzerland, it’s Daniel Egloff. That’s because he is not only Tourism Director of a city that is highly dependent on business travellers but also President of the SCIB. In a personal interview, he told us about what he feels can be done in order to return to the successes of the past.