Montreal | Auditorium

Particularly suited for lectures and podium discussions

The Montreal room is our auditorium with permanently installed Brähler communication facilities. It is the flagship of all our conference rooms, a true experience with its combination of modernity, functionality and comfort. The Auditorium Montreal took an extended renovation: capacity boosted to 525 seats, comfortable leather chairs, folding tables instead of fixed ones, a sound system with a microphone for each seat, and permanently installed voting and interpreting facilities.

Montreal for press conferences

Technical data Montreal Auditorium

 m2      767
 Clear height (max.)  5.8 m
 Concert seating     ---
 Seminar seating  525
 Banquet seating  ---
 Stage/podium  permanently installed
 Sound system   permanently installed
 Simultaneous interpretation system        permanently installed            
 Cabins for interpreters         4    
 Video and data projection                flexible installation           
 Film screen  permanently installed
 Lighting system     flexible installation

Facts Montreal Auditorium

  • Auditorium, 2nd floor 

  • Particularly suited for podiums discussions

  • Daylight through side windows

  • Fully air-conditioned

  • In Summer 2010 new installed permanent communications facilities:
    - a microphone for each seat which can be activated for discussions
    - all types of voting within a matter of seconds
    - volume control
    - direct, at-seat selection of simultaneous interpretation
    - voting with a programmable chip card, personalised for each participant if required

  • Hall height 4.2 to 5.8 m (only in entrance and podium area)

  • Extendible screen (11 x 4.4 m)

  • Luminous ceiling can be dimmed

  • Permanent control rooms and cabins for interpreters

  • Permanent seating (expandable for up to 500 people)

  • Carpet flooring