Kairo 1-2 | modular rooms Hall 4 (ground floor)

Modular rooms on the ground floor
Kairo 1-2 comprises two modules, which can each be used separately for 78 people or which will hold up to 190 people when joined together. The Kairo rooms are a two-module element out of a total of 11 modular rooms that were installed on the exhibition space in Hall 4 in Summer 2013. The modular rooms are on the ground floor and thus directly accessible from the main entrance of the Congress Center Basel.

Data Kairo 1 | 1-2

 Modul   1  | 1-2
 m2      77 | 155
 Clear height (max.)  4.5 m
 Concert seating     78 - 195
 Seminar seating  40 | 110
 U-shaped  24 | 22
 Round tables  50 | 100
 Stage/podium  mobile installation
 Sound system   mobile installation                
 Simultaneous interpretation system        mobile installation     
 Interpreters' booths  mobile installation
 Video and data projection                mobile installation           
 Screen  mobile installation
 Lighting system     mobile installation