DGHO 2015 Annual Conference of the Societies of Haematology and Medical Oncology

"The Congress Center Basel is unmatched for our event"

Date  9 to 13 October 2015
Location  Congress Center Basel, incl. modular rooms on ground floor
No. of guests 
Further details 
  Accompanying exhibition with 90 exhibition stands
Assembly  1 day congress, 3 days exhibition
Budget  no details
Following 2007 and 2011, we were in Switzerland for the third time already in 2015. The Congress Center Basel is unmatched for our event, which requires 7 000 square metres of space and more than a dozen rooms in parallel. Alongside a plenary room for 1 000 people, we require additional rooms for 500 participants in each case. This is no problem at the CCB, and does not require any installation work. The entrance zone offers enough space for registering guests. Sufficient space was also available for a poster presentation staged separately from the industry exhibition.

In addition to the services for the actual congress, the Exhibition Services Team at the Congress Center Basel coordinated the concerns of our many exhibitors in the run-up to the event and implemented the exhibition in close cooperation with us.

The Congress Center Basel has excellent accessibility, and the event ticket provided by German Railways (Deutsche Bahn) is a great help. The Congress Center is just a few minutes on foot from Basel Badischer Bahnhof railway station, and a wide range of hotels are available nearby.

Iwe Siems, Managing Director DGHO Services GmbH