Exterior LED LED–wall

LED Display
The large-format LED wall over the entrance hall to Congress Center Basel shows visitors to your event exactly where to go even before they reach the venue itself. Changing individual designs when several events are being held, display changes automatically between all the different events.

City Lounge Brand Tool

Brand Tool Messe Basel
A 120-metre long luminous strip links the City Lounge and the foyers and is the undisputed eye-catcher in Basel. Depending on the event being staged, the public can marvel at logos, mottos and even entire promotion films. The contents can be programmed at will, and this naturally applies to the acoustic effects too.

Entrance Hall 103" Plasma Screens

Eingangsbereich Plasma
The newly refurbished entrance to Congress Center Basel is the ideal location for your event information. You can show the room timetables or the day's programme for your event on both screens, or simply greet your visitors with a welcome message.

2nd Floor Foyer 52" LCD Screens

Elektronische Beschriftung
Mobile pillars supplement the individual signage at Congress Center Basel. These can be placed at various important guidance points for visitors, as desired. They can also be used to display information on room use, on the programme or even to show films or presentations.

2nd Floor Foyer 103" Plasma Screens

Foyer Plasmas
There are two further screens in the second floor foyer. The information on the display panels can provide visitors with the timetable of events in the separate rooms or the day's programme, for instance. Films and Powerpoint presentations can also be shown on the plasma screens.

26" LCD Screens

Foyer Bildschirme
Fixed pillars are placed at the entrance to each room. These can carry details of the use of the room and the programme. The screen can also be split in half and used for both signage and an animated presentation.