Congress Center Basel Science Series

in cooperation with 'Micronaut' Martin Oeggerli

Basel is a key location for science and research into the life sciences and medicine. At the same time, Basel is regarded as the cultural capital of Switzerland with its exceptional density of art institutions – a number of which are world renowned. And there is no one who brings precisely these worlds of art and science together so readily as Dr. Martin Oeggerli. With the “Congress Center Basel Science Series”, we would like to let you immerse yourself in his fascinating world of pictures. We have taken five selected works and produced a limited-edition set of cards. Martin Oeggerli briefly recounts the exciting stories behind the individual works below.

Feeding Hairs

The hand-coloured work 'Feeding Hairs' portrays the mouth implements of an African mosquito larva.

Fruit Fly

Fruit flies have played a key role in research for a long time. The "Biozentrum" in Basel was awarded a Nobel Prize in 1996 for its research into fruit flies.

Cellular Islands

The precision of human cells which extend over "mountains and valleys" without contacting their neighbouring cells.

Porcupine Tomato

The idea for the Porcupine Tomato image came when Oeggerli visited the Botanical Gardens together with his son Nelson.


Blood-Sweat-and-Tears was inspired by working together with the Basel Blood Donation Centre (Basel University Hospital).

About Dr. Martin Oeggerli

Dr. Martin Oeggerli (*1974) is a microbiologist who goes by the name of "Micronaut". Employing electron microscopy (SEM) with a magnification of up to 500,000-fold, he offers insight into hidden masterpieces of the microcosm which would normally remain invisible to the naked eye. After rasterising each specimen, Micronaut manually colourises the scans, allowing the black and white images to transform into unique and hyper-realistic documentations. Since 2005, his award-winning works have been published by the most prestigious names in science and photography, including the BBC, CELL, Nature, VOGUE and National Geographic.