Environmental aspects

The MCH Group invests continuously in the optimisation of its environmental indicators. The company aims to further promote the environmentally conscious behaviour of its employees at the workplace and to provide the necessary resources for further reducing the burden on the environment. Ecological aspects are to increasingly play a decisive role in the selection of suppliers and materials, with the group giving precedence, for example, to suppliers from the region and suppliers submitting the corresponding proof of sustainability.

Waste management

Switzerland is world champion when it comes to recycling. Waste management at the events is based on the "polluter pays" principle, and segregated and professional waste disposal is ensured by working with a local partner.


Wassermann & Company AG, the exclusive catering partner of Messe Basel and the Congress Center Basel, stands for a catering service with the focus on responsibility towards the environment, quality, transparency and traceability of product origins and, naturally, the guarantee of a delicious culinary experience without need for a guilty conscience at all. The conscious handling of food forms part of the basis of their work.


In order to reduce waste and minimise ecological impact, the Congress Center Basel ensures that the environment is taken into consideration through careful selection of its suppliers. The Congress Center Basel uses mainly biodegradable products for consumable supplies and works together closely with regional partners.


Solar Messe Basel
Photovoltaic system on the roof of Hall 1

The Canton of Basel-Stadt has been pursuing a progressive energy and environmental policy for many years. The consumption of fossil fuels was virtually eliminated in its entirety at Messe Basel in 2013.

A photovoltaic system with integrated greening of the roof was installed on the roof of Hall 1 in Basel back in 1999 already. With a panel area of 1,900 m², it has an output of 215,000 kWh per year. A system four times that size was mounted on the green roof of the new Messe Basel hall complex which was completed in 2013. This photovoltaic system feeds around 1,080,000 kWh electricity into the Industrielle Werke Basel (IWB) grid each year. The MCH group also supports the "Wettstein 21" platform which was responsible for the installation of a further photovoltaic system on the roof of the Congress Center Basel. That was completed at the end of 2014 and supplies around 180,000 kWh of electricity each year.

City of Basel

The City of Basel received the "European Energy Award Gold" in 2007 for its increased energy efficiency measures and its endeavours to use renewable energies. Basel is also the first pilot region for the Novatlantis project that has been initiated by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH) with the aim of implementing a 2000-watt society.


Tram Basel
Green Basel Tram
As part of the MCH Group, the Congress Center Basel promotes the use of public transport at events by offering a range of special tickets in cooperation with SBB RailAway and DB Deutsche Bahn.

The City of Basel pursues an environmentally friendly transport strategy aimed at cutting back on individual transport by providing the local population, commuters from the surrounding region and tourists with an efficient public transport network. The City of Basel issues a "BaselCard" to guests who have booked an overnight stay in a hotel in the city, giving them free use of buses and trams within the city boundaries.


Water consumption in the Congress Center Basel is strictly monitored. Only biodegradable cleaning agents are used on its premises and care is taken to ensure that water is not wasted unnecessarily during cleaning.


The Congress Center Basel wishes to support organisers in ensuring that all participants depart from a meeting with the feeling that they have been refreshed and motivated and are now ready to implement new ideas and contacts. We will thus be pleased to assist you with the organisation of a FunRun, morning yoga, swimming in the Rhine or fitness studio visits.